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Mead Ploszay, MS, LPC

Mead Ploszay is a highly experienced educator with 25+ years of experience in public schools, independent schools and private practice. A certified School Psychologist, School Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor, Mead practices through the lens of Mind-Brain-Education and a strengths based approach. Mead specializes in educational evaluation that supports bridging data to approaches to learning and academic strategies. Over the years, Mead has worked with students on developing academic and executive functioning strategies. Working with clients to understand brain science, develop systems, discover resources and practice solution based problem solving is at the forefront of practice.

Mead has years of experience presenting to and working with teachers to understand neurodiverse learners and design curriculums that incorporate principles of Universal Design. In leading curricular teams, Mead focuses on developing common language, the practice of visible teaching and student engagement. In working with teachers, students and families, Mead’s primary goal is to facilitate and enhance communication between students, parents and educators.

Mead Ploszay of Educational Frameworks

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