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Educational Frameworks
Educational Frameworks, student frustrated at school

Are you having a difficult time determining why your child is not engaged in school?

The majority of Generation Z has become accustomed to frequent task shifting. As a result, engaging in higher level academic tasks is more and more challenging. Help your child identify strategies to build focus and thinking routines to support reading comprehension, written expression and multi step problem solving.

Looking for strategies to help your child launch into middle school, high school or college?

Executive function coaching helps students develop routines and systems while practicing self-regulation, time management and self-reflection.

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Mead Ploszay, MS, LPC

A certified School Psychologist, School Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor, Mead practices through the lens of Mind-Brain-Education and a strengths based approach.

Mead is a highly experienced educator with 25+ years of experience in public schools, independent schools and private practice.

Mead Ploszay - Educational Frameworks
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Executive Function Skills Coaching

Executive Function Skills Coaching

These coaching sessions are designed to focus on the development of executive skills and include building strategies and systems in an individual’s natural setting.

Educational Evaluation

Educational Evaluation

The purpose of an educational evaluation is to gather cognitive, academic and behavioral information to determine an strengths and areas of vulnerability.

Educational Consultation

Educational Consultation

For Parents and Schools, a series of middle and high school student lessons that support the understanding of brain maturation and executive functioning.

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